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Childbirth Classes






Childbirth 2 hr Private Tutorials:

Topics determined by you

$80  2hr




Childbirth Preparation Classes:

Build on what you already know about yourself and how to birth in these highly interactive classes. This is a body / mind / heart / soul experience so be prepared to dive deep as you explore  what the passage of childbirth sets before you.  The goal of the Birthing From Within® model is that you will learn lifelong skills to birth with awareness, in presence and love, as you face the surprises and challenges of birth and parenting.  Let the journey become your way of life.


2018 Schedule

6 week series beginning:





Weekend Intensive:


Private Classes Available

*All classes offered on a sliding fee scale




Class Content: the following and more

  • Normal Labor and Birth Basics
  • Self Care: Mind/Body/Heart/Spirit
  • Preparing for Birth as a Rite of Passage
  • Movement & Positions to Open the Pelvis
  • Mindfulness & Self Awareness Skills
  • Unhook from Fears
  • Pain Coping Strategies
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Support Team and Birth Environment
  • Common Interventions and Informed Consent
  • Meeting the Challenge of the Unexpected
  • Cesarean Birth with Self-Awareness
  • Becoming Parents
  • Bonding with Baby
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Mom and Baby Care
  • Baby Massage





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