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"Everything that is experienced is a bodily experience."

                                                  --- Thomas Hanna "Somatics"



Mind/Body Coaching:  a somatic process during which mindfulness skills are cultivated to access and resolve stress related core beliefs, attitudes, inner images, emotions, impulses and sensations which restrict movement and the capacity to function well.  In many cases, the physical, emotional, mental and physiological symptoms with which the client presents are due to unresolved trauma. If so, specific body-centered trauma resolution techniques are used in a climate of safety and trust, as a complement to conventional therapy and treatment.

Clients also include those not suffering from specific illnesses who wish to improve self-awareness, quality of life, and who may wish to achieve optimal physical, cognitive and emotional performance in all daily activities: home, work, play, & sports. 


Trauma Recovery:  somatic sequencing of the physiological effects of trauma along with resolution of related mental and emotional arousal states.


Symptoms of unresolved trauma may include:

  • faulty breathing
  • heart irregularities
  • stomach and/or bowel disturbances
  • chronic muscular tension and pain
  • catastrophic thinking
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • low self-esteem
  • inability to trust and connect well with others
  • sleep disorders
  • helplessness
  • hyper vigilance, etc.

A Full Circle session creates a climate of safety, trust, curiosity, surrender, loving presence, even awe in the face of the mystery of being, which envelopes both practitioner and client.  This is the ground that supports the resolution of these symptoms and the cultivation of personal presence, connection, and well-being.

Some observed effects of the work have been:

  • deep rest
  • personal presence
  • connection to others
  • relief from unexplained tension and pain
  • reinstatement of natural defensive responses
  • a renewed sense of trust and safety
  • self acceptance
  • opening of the heart to love
  • enthusiasm for life


Trauma Recovery Resources:   

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