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Deep Swedish Massage: will induce deep relaxation and promote stress reduction. Relieves excess muscle tension and improves circulation which can resolve pain. Some deeper techniques including trigger point therapy can be used in problem areas. The amount of pressure used is determined by the client.  You will leave with a feeling of complete relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage a more structural approach which utilizes specific strokes to access the deeper layers of soft tissue and fascia for increased range of motion, pain relief, and injury rehabilitation.  A session may include friction, gentle stretches and joint mobilization; trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and muscle energy techniques. A tight muscle is a weak muscle; natural strength is gained back when a muscle returns to its normal length. To ensure gains made are not temporary, movement patterns and posture issues are also addressed.

Movement Re-patterning with Massage & Bodywork:  a larger portion of time will be given to movement re-patterning and education in gentle movements which facilitate neuromuscular release and optimal alignment.  Other bodywork and massage techniques are applied as appropriate to support relief from muscle tension and increased range of motion as new movement patterns are established and integrated in the somatic experience of the client.

Mind / Body Coaching with Movement Re-patterning and/or Massage & Bodywork:   a somatic process using techniques based on the Hakomi method.  Mindfulness skills are cultivated  to  access and resolve stress related  core beliefs, attitudes, inner images, emotions,  impulses and sensations which restrict movement and the capactity to function well.  In many cases, the physical, emotional, mental and physiological symptoms with which the client presents are due to unresolved trauma. If so, specific body-centered trauma resolution techniques are used in a climate of safety and trust, as a complement to conventional therapy and treatment.

Clients also include those not suffering from specific illnesses who wish to improve self-awareness,  quality of life, and who may wish to achieve optimal physical, cognitive and emotional performance in daily work related and sports activities. 

Parenting Support: learn compassionate parenting skills while exploring your personal story.  You will discover patterns that support the style of parenting you wish to model to your children and those that no longer serve your best intentions for your family. Private and group sessions.

Relationship Coaching: learn mindfulness and self-awareness skills to develop the art of deep listening to yourself and others as the foundation for effective communication at home, at work, and with your friends. Private and group sessions.

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* Online sessions $85  1.5 hr



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