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T’ai Chi  was initially developed as a martial art.  It has emerged over the past several centuries as one of the finest personal development systems that exist.  When taught correctly, the movements of  Qigong and T’ai Chi develop the body and mind in ways that improve overall health and vitality. 


Benefits of regular practice can include:

Better postural alignment and balance      Increased range of motion

Flexibility     Rehabilitation of injury   Massage and activation of organs

Mental Clarity    Calm alertness     Deep relaxation

Heightened awareness of internal states

Emotional balance       Full breathing   

Improved cardio-vascular function     Increased lymph flow

Strengthened immune response    Healing from illness

   Strength        Endurance


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Instructor: Elizabeth Roscoe


In 1988, Elizabeth studied T’ai Chi and Movement Therapy with Jim Spira in Berkley, CA.  She has studied the Wu Short Form and Qigong with Bruce Kumar Frantzis in Marin County, CA.  

The Wu practices were developed to open the body to support energy flow and healing. 

The class is designed to help beginners learn the fundamentals of these practices to effect changes in all daily activities at home, work, and play.




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